Future-Oriented HUB and Pharma Services

People, Provider, and Technology enablement is the underpinning for successful HUB services, ensuring the patient journey is as painless as possible.

COPILOT develops highly accurate and timely benefit investigation programs based on your needs. We work with you hand-in-hand to customize complex programs across all disease categories.

Here is a listing of some services provided:

  • Secure data intake via Portal, Phone, Fax
  • Medical Benefits Verifications
  • Medical Benefits Investigations
  • Pharmacy Benefits Verifications
  • Pharmacy Benefits Investigations
  • Dual Investigation across Medical and Pharmacy Benefits
  • eBVs and ePAs
  • Coding support
  • Prior Authorization Libraries
  • Prior Authorization Support
  • Denials/Appeals Support
  • Data Aggregation for Payer Support and HEOR
  • Adherence Programming
  • Specialty Pharmacy Fulfillment and Data Aggregation
  • Financial Assistance
  • Field Reimbursement Rep training, support, management
  • HCP training and support
  • Patient Assistance Program and Bridge Program triage